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Publicity Rights: An analysis of Amitabh Bachchan V. Rajat Nagi & Ors.

Introduction In the world of fame and media, it’s no secret that celebrities often find themselves in the spotlight, captured by eager photographers. However, the question of who holds the…

Benefits of  The Madrid Protocol

Understanding The Madrid Protocol The Madrid Protocol is an international agreement that enables individuals or businesses to obtain trademark protection in multiple countries through a centralized system. The Madrid Union…

Basmati Rice: The Tug Of War

Over different matters being a reason for war between countries, “Basmati rice” was a major element of the battle between India and Pakistan. It is a decade-long dispute between the…

Competition Law: The Patent Pendulum

Competition law (hereinafter used interchangeably with antitrust law) and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) have been regarded as two ends of the spectrum in an economy.  While one aims to regulate…

Official Statistics: Monthly statistics: Patents, trade marks and designs: March 2023

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Notice: Patents: hearing diary

Details of all patent hearings that are scheduled. Read More 

Notice: Trade marks and designs: hearing diaries

Details of all scheduled trade mark (unless otherwise specified) procedural hearings, main hearings and appeals to the appointed person. Read More 

Form: Application to cancel a security interest

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Guidance: Patent forms and fees

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